If you are a Russian lady looking for love, you might want to take some notes!

  • Remain single until you meet a guy who has these qualities:

Many people tend to think that being partnered is always better than being single. But that’s absolutely wrong. Truthfully, being in a toxic relationship is 10 times worse than being single! Now I’d like to explain why you’d better stay single until you meet a man who has the following qualities.

  1. He wants a committed relationship.

If you are looking for a committed, meaningful, and long-term relationship, you can’t waste your time on men who don’t want that because you and the right person must have a shared vision for your future.

When a guy says he isn’t looking for anything serious right now, please believe him! Don’t assume that you can change his mind!

  1. He introduces you to his family and friends.

A guy who is proud of you would be very happy to introduce you to his family and friends. He would tell them that you are his girlfriend because he wants you to be a part of his life.

  1. He values effective and honest communication.

Communication is a key pillar of a relationship because it is the foundation for emotional connection. I would argue that communication is the prerequisite of having a real relationship.

  1. He is always on your side.

When you share your vulnerabilities and insecurities with him, what is his reaction?

  1. If his reaction is to use your vulnerabilities and insecurities against you in order to benefit himself, that’s a huge red flag. 
  1. If his reaction is to look after you and support you because of your vulnerabilities and insecurities, that means he is a high-value man.
  1. He lets you know that he loves you.

If you even have to wonder whether a guy loves you or not, it means he doesn’t love you. End of story.

That’s because love is a very strong emotion. If someone loves you, you would know it as you can feel it! If you can’t feel it, that only means he doesn’t love you.

Therefore, whenever you catch up with your girlfriends and analyze every text message from him while discussing ‘does he love me?’, the answer is already there – he does not love you.

Let me reiterate: When a man loves you, you wouldn’t question his love.

  1. He has morals and highly values his word.

Manipulative men would say anything in order to get what they want. In contrast, good men highly value their moral code as well as their word.

If a guy keeps his word and follows through on what he has promised, he is a high-quality candidate because he is trustworthy and reliable. 

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  • Signs a guy is in love with you but is afraid of rejection:

He likes you, but he is scared. Fear of rejection stops him from proactively chasing you; however, your intuition tells you that he likes you. So, you are a bit confused. Here are key signs a guy is in love with you but scared.

Sign 1: He never talks about other women.

It’s not normal if a guy doesn’t talk about other women at all when he is communicating with you. Truthfully, most straight men love talking about different women while chatting with other people. Therefore, if he doesn’t talk about other women in front of you, it means he surely thinks you are different from other women – he likes you. 😉

That being said, the fact that you are wondering what he is up to now means he is probably not sure how his relationship with you will go.

Sign 2: He looks nervous around you.

Men need more encouragement from women when it comes to dating and relationships. Because he doesn’t know whether you will accept him or not, this uncertainty makes him act nervously around you.

Sign 3: He implies that you two are a couple.

Basically, whenever he jokes about you two ending up together, it means he wants to test your reaction – he is keen to find out how you would react if he wants to make this relationship with you official. 😊

“True love is best characterized by exclusivity. In other words, if he truly loves you, he wouldn’t want you to flirt with other men.”