This is a Sample Blog Post #3

My experience has taught me that Ukrainian women are very different from Western women. The cultures are different and many of their mannerisms can be disturbing to a foreign man until you begin to understand that it is normal for them and that you must recognize this to avoid misunderstandings.

Let me try and explain a few things – I learned the hard way! Fortunately I did not upset anyone so much that I could not repair the damage.

Firstly, Ukrainian women are strong and not as emotional as Western women. They are used to fending for themselves and working their own way through difficulties and a Western man can see this as threatening or her being unwilling to listen. I thought I was just being ignored as every time I tried to help I was ignored.

When I spoke with them (always in English as I can’t speak Ukrainian) I thought that they were rude and abrupt. Then I began to realize that her best English may sound terse and uncaring because she leaves out the “pleases” and “thank you’s”. Even in Ukrainian they do not use these pleasantries as much as we do – it is just not necessary to them.

Conversely, Ukrainian women go to great lengths to look their best at all times and take pride in their appearance. Hence the searches online are very often focused on beautiful Ukrainian women, because even the most average woman in the Ukraine makes the most of her look in whatever way she can.

It is easily overlooked by us Westerners who seldom compliment our women, which may explain why we have to go to the Ukraine to find someone (only joking!). If you really want to impress her, complimenting her on her appearance and say how lovely she looks – and take pride in your own appearance. She wants to show you off to her friends also!

The single Ukrainian women who are dating online or join an international marriage agency seek a loving and long term relationship, this is the main reason they seek Western men as an ideal partner. They do not get treated well by the Ukrainian male and this is what they seek. If you are not looking at long term, you will probably fail in your attempt to win her over.