Truthfully, your habits are your reality. If you are interested in meeting a high-value woman from Eastern Europe, you would be well-advised to stop doing these things:

  • Is “the one” a myth?

Romantic movies always talk about ‘the right person’ and ‘the one’. However, I’d like to argue that ‘the one’ doesn’t really exist. Here is why: As you are a high-value man, your standards are pretty high. By contrast, a low-value guy does not even have a soul; as a result, of course, it’s significantly easier for a low-value guy to find a so-called ‘soulmate’: the most uncool individuals in the world are all married! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying married people are not cool. I mean many single people are very, very cool. 😉

Because you are a high-value guy, you are not supposed to expect a lady to be ‘the one’ when you meet her for the first time. Realistically, ‘the one’ does not really exist – somebody becomes the one. More exactly, when you meet a lady who meets most of your key standards, it is your job to train this lady well so she will become the one for you! For instance, you have to reward your girlfriend’s good behavior & punish your girlfriend’s bad behavior. You need to communicate your high standards as well as expectations clearly and cleanly so your girlfriend will know what she should do in order to maintain this relationship with you. This is exactly how a woman becomes the one.

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  • Should you wear a mask?

No, I’m not talking about the mask that you wear in order to avoid COVID-19. I mean many men wear masks when they talk to women: they pretend to be somebody they are not so as to impress ladies. Truthfully, if you’re looking to build a genuine relationship with a woman from Eastern Europe, wearing a mask will certainly hinder the romantic relationship. Perhaps you may pretend to be someone else for a week, but you cannot do that for the rest of your life. If a lady falls in love with your representative instead of who you are, it’s not a real relationship. End of story.

  • Do you expect things from others that you are unwilling to do for them?

Jay Shetty famously says, “Karma is real”. Well, I’m not talking about any religious belief here. I am talking about real science: Law of Reciprocity. Hence, if you’re not willing to take care of a woman, don’t expect her to look after you. If you lie to a woman, she will not be honest with you in the long term. Never underestimate a lady’s intelligence even if she has been used before, as nobody will be used forever. If a woman is used by her boyfriend, she will definitely talk about what’s happening with her friends and family who will surely tell her the truth about her relationship. Since her friends and family are not in the picture, they can clearly see the entire picture.

  • Should you work on yourself?

Before looking for the right woman from Eastern Europe, you have to work on yourself because high-value ladies only date their equals. 😉

Now please answer the following questions:

  1. Does your current work express what you genuinely want to do?
  2. Are you perfectly happy with the education you’ve had?
  3. What is your creative outlet?
  4. If you can do what you really wanted, what would you like to do with your life?
  5. What do you want to accomplish with your life this year?
  6. Which values give your life the most paramount meaning?
  7. Is there anything you truly value and yet feel you have not fully experienced / realized?
  8. Do you have any talents which you have not fully developed or expressed?
  9. What obstacles should you overcome before achieving your mission?
  10. What will you commit to doing this year in order to remove the obstacles in the previous question?

“High-quality women from Eastern Europe only date their equals.”