Right now, the world is characterized by unemployment, economic recession and uncertainty due to the pandemic. Yet a recent study shows that this is the ideal time for internet dating.

  • What’s good about the current uncertainty around the world?

These days it’s easy to feel the negativity: this is a hard time for everyone as everybody’s life / every business in the world is affected by COVID-19. However, how about shifting our perspectives: “What’s actually good about the trying times?” In my view, now is the best time for Internet dating.

In the first place, singe people are on their couches and thinking… “Why am I doing the lockdown at home alone?” In other words, single women and single men have an opportunity to rethink their past, the decisions they made, the choices they had in life and the results of their behaviors & actions. Many individuals now believe that love is important because what is success for when you’re alone and lonely? Honestly, if you want things to be different in the future, you have to do something very different through investing in your romantic life now.

In the second place, nowadays single people can meet a large number of like-minded people online, even though they cannot meet each other in reality currently. Chatting online is Step One.

Research shows that in this day and age, people actually cherish genuine relationships more. As a result, shallow and superficial connections are over already.

In conclusion, when you meet someone that you respect, like and admire, you would be well-advised to build a real connection with her.

internet dating

  • It’s time to make a difference.

Can you see a pattern in your past behavior? If your relationships in the past didn’t last for a long time, maybe you had a pattern which prevented you from having what you want. For instance, Joel figured out that he was actually dating the same person repeatedly – the same person, different haircut/faces. It has never ever worked for Joel. That finding hit Joel like a bunch of bricks. As a result, he has decided that he needs to hire a relationship consultant. He invested in his education about female psychology and dating skills. At last, Joel knows the real reasons why he preferred those ladies in the first place. Most importantly, Joel has broken his old pattern. The pain of repeating the same old pattern was unbearable, so Joel took action to change his love life permanently.

  • When something must change forever….

In the past, Joel had a long list of criteria that his ideal lady should meet. Interestingly, among his 12 criteria, 11 of them were literally about a lady’s looks. Currently, Joel has changed his point of attraction. Shallow and superficial candidates turn Joel off now. Because Joel has worked on his mindset regarding romantic love, he understands what he wants and what he deserves. Hence, destiny rewards him for his new mindset.

His change is phenomenal. Nevertheless, that does not surprise me as Joel has always been a high achiever: When he was building his business, he worked 90 hours a week and created a wonderful business. When he wanted to lose weight, he hired a personal trainer and went to the gym regularly. Now Joel pays attention to his love life, so his love life has been transformed, too.

Do not settle for less – that’s Joel’s motto. “In reality, you only get what you constantly think of. That’s why you’d better think happy thoughts,” says Joel, “If you are aware of what you must work on (your romantic relationship or whom you are attracting), you would be well-advised to invest in your education in this regard.

Please remember how deeply worthy of true love you are. If you read this blog regularly, you are definitely ready for love now. Do not miss out on real love that you desire.

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