Lifestyle confidence is strongly influenced by your career, your hobbies, your social circle, and so on. A confident man derives confidence from various areas of his life. That’s why when he is made redundant by his employer, he is able to derive confidence from other areas of his life (his entire identity isn’t his job title). Which areas in your life are contributing to your lifestyle confidence? Which areas do you need to work on now? You may draw a matrix and each box in the matrix represents one area of your life (work, hobbies, friends, etc.). In this way, it will be easier to see and analyse which area needs more attention, so you will keep improving and become a more attractive man in Slavic women’s eyes. 😉 In order to further help you in this journey, we are going to discuss lifestyle confidence in detail.

  • Having a successful career makes you more attractive.

An individual spends roughly one third of their lifetime at work; hence, the importance of their career can’t be ignored. Yes, if you work from 9am to 5pm, that is 8 hours each day at work. You would be well-advised to make sure that you are truly happy with your career.

But if you are not happy with your career, please consider changing your career. You may do this by starting a side hustle which excites you – something that you are genuinely passionate about. When the side hustle generates enough income, you will be able to quit your day job.

Here is how to find out your calling:

Please answer these questions –

  1. What did you love doing when you were a child (when you were about five years old)?
  2. What’s obvious to you but it’s amazing to others?
  3. What do you enjoy doing? What are you good at? What would the market pay for? (Note that the intersection of these 3 areas is exactly what you are supposed to do for a living.
  4. What are you curious about currently?

Your honest answers to those questions will give you some good (and refreshing) ideas.

Slavic women

  • Do you have interesting hobbies that make your life amazing?

Most books about confidence rarely talk about hobbies, but in actuality, hobbies are very, very important. When you are doing your hobby, you are spending quality time with yourself as your hobby represents who you really are (you are not doing it just to get paid; you are not doing it in order to impress anybody; you are doing it just because you like it unconditionally – you can’t even explain why you like it). That is exactly how meaningful a hobby is.

So, we would encourage you to spend more quality time with yourself by thoroughly enjoying your hobby. By the way, if you are able to monetise your hobby, that’s perfect. Yet you don’t have to monetise your hobby. It’s perfectly okay if your hobby is simply a hobby.

Scientists have discovered that when you are enjoying your hobby, your body produces nitric oxide naturally. Nitric oxide is the fountain of youth, for it is a feel-good chemical that improves your health & wellbeing, thereby helping your body to rejuvenate properly. That is the tremendous power of an enjoyable hobby.

“Slavic women are attracted to confident guys who have interesting lifestyles.”