Attracted to an elegant woman in your social circle? Now I’m going to share the most powerful dating tips that I know with you.

  • Women fall in love with you if you’re a unique guy.

As you show qualities which are not commonly found in one individual, you have a unique pairing.

Some examples:

  1. You are nurturing and sweet in dating and relationships. But in other areas of your life, you are dominant and strong-willed.
  2. You are intelligent and intellectual, but you are adventurous and fun-loving when you spend your free time with people you like.

Being a one-of-a-kind guy is the most important attraction trigger. 😉

She will realize that you are like nobody she has met before, so she will fall in love with you quickly.

Indeed, you would be well-advised to cultivate various parts of your character so you will not be stuck in one type of mode. So, if you are dating someone, please try to do activities that can show different dimensions of your character – perhaps you can have a date on the beach, another date in the park and another date at a museum. Sometimes you are serious; sometimes you are silly on a date. This combination will trigger attraction fast.

  • Women fall in love with you when you value respect more than anything else.

I know chemistry is wildly important, but without respect, chemistry is not very valuable. When chemistry is combined with respect, her heart will be racing.

Do not forget your high standards and do not bend your rules simply because you like a woman. Always remember your non-negotiables!

As a lady sees that she has a genuine connection with you and knows that you also expect true respect and a certain level of high-quality treatment from her, she will be attracted to you even more.

It means you should call her out when she does something wrong. Honesty is always the best policy.

  • Women fall in love with you when you are able to be vulnerable and real.

When you are willing to be vulnerable, you show a high level of trust so that she will feel psychologically closer to you automatically because you are happy to reveal your inner self in front of her.

That also means you are not supposed to judge her when she opens up. Allow her to talk about her real emotions and true feelings. When both of you can be the most relaxed and natural self around each other, this relationship is sustainable.

  • Women fall in love with high-value men.

First of all, a high-value man has a joy for life. So, when you are on a date with a lady from Russia, please greet her warmly. Your smile should show you are excited about life because you have a passionate and interesting life.

Secondly, a high-value guy genuinely appreciates women. You need to ask questions about her and show you are interested.

Thirdly, a high-value man is expressive and authentic. He doesn’t have a defensive barrier because he doesn’t need to – he is very secure and confident!

Next, a high-value man has attention to detail. Look, Russian women are turned off by disheveled, sloppy appearance. Therefore, you need to make an effort to look great when you are on a date with a woman from Russia.

Also, high-value men have mentors. Meet people you actually admire. Explore what they know. Whether it’s podcasts, YouTube videos or books – refer to resources that remind you of what is significant and meaningful in life.

Besides, high-value guys have a much better metric for their success. They create goals which lead to a daily life that they truly enjoy living. Let me explain.

Recently, I have realized that the metric which moves the needle forward the most is the need to pursue my passion and work on projects I enjoy.

However, if I make the goal about a metric such as having a certain amount of money, everything becomes harder because it feels like a grind – that goal removes my attention from why my work is important.

Truthfully, your goals are not as paramount as the daily activities that make you fulfilled.

To my mind, having amazing experiences with my best friends, living an exciting life, working on projects that I love and learning skills that help me level up definitely eliminate the distractions in life.

Additionally, high-value men do not hang around those who poison their beliefs. If you spend too much time with people who only care about good looks, you may become superficial soon. If you hang out with people who just care about money, you might become money-obsessed as well. You get the gist.

Your brain isn’t really strong enough to block the toxic influence in your life. Thus, you have to spend lots of time with those who have healthy values.

You must say no to negative crowds. Limit time with those who negatively influence your beliefs. Cut out those who poison your value system. Then you will be a happier man.

  • Bonus dating tips:

1. Do not tease a Russian lady too much.

Yes, you can be playful and silly on a date, but teasing a woman too much might send a wrong message. You are not supposed to embarrass her.

On a date, teasing is all about making someone laugh rather than making her feel being judged by you.

2. Do not play hard-to-get.

Playing mind games with Russian ladies is a huge mistake that you have to avoid. Remember: women from Russia like high-value, honest men; they do not respond to hard-to-get.

3. Do not make her jealous.

Only low-value women would be attracted by outrageous jealousy.

Your Russian girlfriend only needs to know that you are in demand because you are a high-value guy with a successful career, interesting hobbies and amazing friends.

4. Make sure you compliment her!

You simply tell her that little things about her have impressed you. Compliments do not have to be something huge.

5. On the first date, make sure you do things that you want to do anyway.

Those who dislike dating usually hate it as dating may involve activities that they don’t like.

Instead of giving up dating altogether, I think a much better approach is to do things you actually want to do anyway when you are planning a date. For instance, you can say this to a Russian lady, “There is a comedy show that I really want to see on Friday. Shall we do that first and then have dinner together after?”

6. The first date is supposed to be short.

Make it low-pressure and relaxing. Perhaps you can take her to a coffee shop for a hot drink and some dessert. Spend 20-50 minutes there and see how things go!

“The first date oftentimes involves some element of risk, and that’s okay. You need to find out whether the chemistry is real or not once you’ve had the first date, right?”