Successful relationships are characterized by male leadership, i.e., a man is supposed to be the leader in a relationship. Slavic women like strong men. Be the energy you want to attract. That’s how you allow good things to happen.

  • Real leaders are avid readers. How many books do you read each year?

Knowledge is everywhere, but the implementation of knowledge is rare.

No, I won’t tell you which books are right & which books are wrong. What I’m going to share with you is the right reading habit that will benefit your life in the long term.

The first key point that you need to remember is to read books from three categories:

1)         Books on how to look after yourself – books in this category are about health and fitness, including mental health and wellbeing;

2)         Books on how to make more money – books in this category are about business, sales, marketing and investing;

3)         Autobiographies – books in this category are written by people that you admire (you will learn their insights directly).

The second key point that you should remember is to think about how you can implement what you’ve learned from books instead of consuming a lot of information without implementation. I know many gurus tell you that they read a book a week or listen to 10 audiobooks per month. But learning is definitely not about consumption. In fact, learning is about using the information in a book to improve your life. When I read a book, sometimes I stop and think for an hour in order to figure out the implementation, and sometimes I stop and find a keyword on Wikipedia and study it carefully. That is real learning. What’s your goal for the rest of this year? What’s your daily ritual that makes achieving your goal inevitable? Think big. Courage is the real gatekeeper. People who have a fixed mindset believe that they can’t keep improving themselves, whereas people who have a growth mindset strongly believe that they are able to improve every day.

  • Personal development makes you a wiser man who naturally attracts the right Slavic woman.

Resilient people become successful in spite of obstacles, because of obstacles. It turns out that obstacles are a huge motivator!

When a relationship ends, you don’t need closure because that’s actually called completion. If you think about it, that relationship still offered you some good value. Even though the ending isn’t pleasant, it doesn’t mean the entire relationship was meaningless.

If someone actually wronged you or treated you very badly, you don’t have an obligation to forgive them – they should forgive themselves. Truthfully, there is a difference between forgiving someone and letting it go. Never underestimate the power of letting things go. When you don’t have anyone to hate, life is liberating!

There are two types of mentorship: 1) formal mentorship – you have a coach who gives you professional guidance and support; 2) informal mentorship – you read books and listen to podcasts about the advice you need.

Life is very short, so every moment is extremely important. Indeed, the average person only has about 30,000 days on the planet; therefore, you can’t afford to waste your precious time.

Self-confidence is the state of feeling certain about the truth of your worth. Certainty is the primary attribute of a high-value person. A person who is 100% certain about themselves has a deep feeling of self-worth which informs all their other attributes.


“When you know your worth, you love yourself unconditionally. I know this sounds a bit corny, but it’s actually true. Remember: no one will value you more than you value yourself.”