Are you a Slavic lady looking for a relationship? This blog post is written for you!

  • Wondering if a guy is interested in you? 

Here are the top 5 ways to reveal the true answer!

#1. After a conversation ends, he always re-initiates the conversation.

Men are simple – if a guy likes you, you would know it simply by looking at who re-initiates the conversation in the interaction. If he always re-initiates the conversation, he likes you!

#2. He finds a way to get closer to you.

Proximity is another indicator. Let’s say you are at a party where there are a lot of people. If a guy likes you, he will find a way to stand or sit closer to you! It’s not easy for a man to hide his desire!

#3. He finds an excuse to “accidentally” touch you.

When he passes you a glass of wine, his hand “accidentally” touches your hand. Well, he likes you. 😉

#4. He is always on his best behavior whenever he sees you or talks to you.

When a guy is hanging out with his male friends, he is obviously not on his best behavior – they talk about women, video games, etc. in an outrageous way. However, when a guy is interacting with a woman that he likes, he is surely on his best behavior in order to impress this woman.

#5. He wants to know your contact details.

If a guy says “Let’s keep in touch. What’s your phone number?” when he doesn’t really have an obvious reason to do so, it means the real reason is he likes you. 😊

Slavic ladies

  • Ways to keep a text conversation going

Texting is a skill that you must master nowadays if you would like to get a guy to stay interested in you. Yes, you read that right. I said “must”, not “should”!

  1. Do not answer all of his questions in one text message.

Let’s say he asks you 3 questions in one message. It’s tempting to answer all of his questions right now because you like him, right? But my suggestion is you’d better answer 2 questions and then talk about something relevant to your answers. In other words, you can expand your answer in the right way and avoid answering the final question. Now he will stay curious about you!

  1. He may not remember what you said, but he will always remember how you’ve made him feel.

Actually, how you text is just as important as what to text. If your messages are full of grammar and spelling mistakes, the impression won’t be right. If you use emojis too frequently, he might think you are trying too hard. Therefore, you’d better be relaxed and casual while texting him.

  1. It’s okay for you to re-initiate a text conversation, as long as you know how to do it correctly.

Obviously, you aren’t supposed to send this to him, “You are online. Why aren’t you texting me?” This will tell him that you are very insecure because you don’t have anyone stable in your love life.

But let’s try this message: “Out at that museum you told me about in the city center. You should be here right now!”

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